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John Gowan Marin County and California Landscape Paintings and Giclee Prints
Newest Paintings in the Collection
Sunset Trail
16" x 20"
acrylic on canvas
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Mt. Tamalpais
Beach & Coastal Scenes
Loma Alta & Big Rock Ridge
Mt. Burdell
The Trees & Forests
Sierras & Mt. Shasta
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"Welcome to my website.
Here you'll find works of my travels from throughtout the natural wonders of California.
I've always been drawn to nature, it's a subject I respect and know well, and is the main inspiration for my paintings. There's something special about standing in some remote location, imagining how the beauty can be portrayed on canvas and bringing my own artistic interpretation to the memories of places and events that have meant something to me."
Note Cards now available
I've picked out 5 of my favorite images and put them together in
this wonderful gift pack of "The Ridgelines of Marin County".

They are printed from a local "main street" print shop here in my home town of Novato where they match the color and detail to the highest standards.

Box of 5 cards with 5 envelopes
5.5 x 8.5 note cards
Go to the purchase page of this web site for more information.
Bolinas Ridge
16" x 20"
acrylic on canvas
Ridgelines #5
16" x 20"
acrylic on canvas